Rolling FPL Thread (League Code: defioq)

Genuinely staggering that two Burnley and one Newcastle defender has paid off so well for me

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Nah that game had 0-0 all over it

wasn’t paying attention so i swapped Salah for De Bruyne

don’t feel too bad about it now tho!

Greatest league in the world.

All that planning to make sure I had bench cover for this week

I end up with 9 players, and my two rivals didn’t bother planning at all and fluke double the points that I got :sunglasses: hate this game

It was fun being top of DiS is Hardcore nbut made some transfers after a few glasses of wine last night and I now own Pepe and Antonio.

At least arsenal have two games this week



KDB maybe/maybe not being injured is a bit of a shitter eh? Hope pep says something useful at 1:30 (ha)

Contemplating getting Foden(!)/Aguero in if he’s definitely missing at least a game.

Given up hope of winning my work mini league

Just focusing on getting as high an OR as poss, currently 507,000th. Not finished below 170,000th before so I’ve got a bit of making up to do.

Think I’m gonna try to roll through the blanks in GW31 with 8 players- currently got 3x Liv and Wolves, so will pick up Pope and Sarr probably and hope that 8 is enough to get an okay score, and save my Free Hit for the double gameweeks.

fixture-wise it looks like it could be a huge gameweek, but I thought that last week and I got 21 points

A or B?



B by a million miles, looks shit hot

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I am leaning that way. Stupidly dropped Jiminez at the start of my WC and will cost me 0.2 to bring him back, but I think I should just suck that up and get on with it.

Taken a -12 (minus twelve) to bring in some more double gameweekers, hanging on to my wildcard and free hit as long as possible. No regrets.

Unless pep goes rotation-tastic, of course, then oh god, the regret.

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The KDB on yellow warning is so classic. He barely got touched in the cup game but still…

Ginger Kev is not in my squad atm, so if he could miss out this week that would be dandy.

Captain choice

  • Mahrez
  • Aubameyang
  • Salah

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I’ve triple captained Salah today! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Gone with the BENCH BOOST, just because I can’t be bothered to work out a team, and otherwise I won’t ever use it.


Went with Salah :crossed_fingers:


Also swapped Laca for Auba, like :confounded: