Rolling FPL Thread (League Code: defioq)

Of course Vardy comes off the bench to score 2 the game he gets transferred out



Barnes and Vards :heart_eyes:

Maddison, maaaan. Couldn’t he at least have got an assist? :sob:

Games are blank on the site now but the deadline is still there. I have 2 FTs, and no idea if I should use one?

Could players theoretically make a transfer every week that isn’t played, at no risk to their team, completely wrecking the FT system?

Unsure if joking but… Premier League off until 3rd April (and almost certainly later).

FPL (and less importantly, the premier league itself) is quite possibly done for the season, or if it comes back, all the gameweeks etc will be completely screwed up.

Yeah this is what my point is, I can’t see how these postponements don’t wreck the game if it does return

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loads of people will have given up even if it comes back, as their chip strategy etc will have been ruined

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seems the Gameweeks apply as normal, so you’ll get 2 free transfers

Terrible week


is there anyway to see players scores from past seasons?

Some peeps are pulling together a fantasy league based on Championship Manager 01/02, using 01/02 season data (Henry etc…).

Could be fun.

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Officially BACK. Unlimited transfers with no price changes until the gameweek begins.

However I am feeling absolutely zero excitement for this. Completely deflated.


can’t bear to look at my presumably fucking dreadful team


I can’t remember any strategy behind how I built my team, who I transferred in most recently or anything like that. No concept of form, title largely decided, 5 subs. It just won’t be the same.

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Can’t be arsed but will do it with a sense of duty.

It’s going to be a nightmare and will invariably have 4 or 5 players missing each week

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yeah I’ll choose a team a day before kick off, impossible to see how its gonna go though

I’d read that there would be two double game weeks, good news if you still have your chips

What are you lot thinking? WC w/ bench boost? Im worried I’ll lose too much value if I do that. I’m already overthinking this :frowning:

Id wildcarded just before everything shut down…

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