Rolling FPL Thread (League Code: defioq)

Good of the FA to hand Gray that ban directly after I’d made my transfer and selections for the week.

4th overall in the DiS league, doing pretty well so far
Gambling a bit this week going with 1 striker, reckon it’ll be a boring week tbh

Ibrahimovic + Hazard > Aguero + Antonio

Hope it doesn’t backfire…

Had KDB since week one but interesting that the only two weeks he’s got me decent returns were when Sergio was out.

Costas done well in place of kun but they’re swapping back next week. Didn’t spend the buffer money so I can just do a straight swap. Did andre gray for the (somehow cheaper) chazza Austin this week

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Cos he’s injured all the time.

this is a nice looking team

Wildcard played.


Kelly / Baines / Walker

Mane / Sanchez / Capoue / Payet

Lukaku / Deeney / Aguero

Subs: four chumps

Aguero captained.

Last season’s the only time he’s missed a significant amount of games

I did exaclty the same regarding Gray. Thought hed be the player that comes up and scores loads (like Lambert,

Yup. Also deeney ighalo Austin wilson pre-injury. Might get him back after the ban. Still reckon he’ll score a decent number

Kante* OUT - Bolasie IN
Kane OUT - Costa IN

*not sure what I was thinking here

Nearly went for Wilson but i cant imagine he will get too many

Think Bolasie is a better shout. Whip the balls in for a Lukaku header innit

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ended up subbing chadli for capoue

Get Cahill in they said. Chelsea are usually miserly in defence they said.

How did I have arguably the best Liverpool and Man U players on the pitch, and both teams score 4 without either getting any points?!

Stupid game…

I’m fine with it.

Have had a decent week with Payet, Capoue and Deeney to come. Gonna try and save my transfer for the international break, but it’s tempting to try and shoehorn Lallana in alongside Mane.

Forgot Aguero was back this weekend cause league cup counts as part of the ban. Did get Austin in though so not a complete disaster

Rubbish weekend, not taking the 4 point hit to bring Aguero back in was a stupid decision. Costa and Ibra only getting 3 points between them. Ffs.

Catacysmically bad week followed by Gray (lol banned on Friday), de Bruyne and Shaw all needing replacing means I’m just about ready to pack it in.