Rolling Fuck The Police Thread



This guy seems great. Saw his other video yesterday.

Making a name for himself. Except he’s not named currently.



Ah, that’s why I can’t find this thread. Didn’t realise I’d posted it here.


I’ve moved it for you with my edit for the day.


Basically everything the police in the US are doing right now is the pits.

Think their union endorsing Trump is maybe the worst one though. Think it’s weird that the police are allowed to endorse any political candidates in the first place, but endorsing Trump just goes to show how far gone they are in the whole fascist police state thing.


The Fraternal Order of Police - yuck.


What’s going on with this shooting in Huddersfield? seems a bit odd that it’s being buried so far down the news schedules and that so little information (outside of ‘as part of a planned operation’) has come out 36 hours+ after it happened.


such a cagey and undetailed article weird


Obviously we want full details as soon as possible but I prefer no detail to the kind of lies and slander that the police have issued following previous deaths (such as Jean Charles De Menezes and Ian Tomlinson).


yeah, totally

this all seems very slippery… what is a ‘non-police issue suspected firearm’ supposed to mean? And the injuries to the other men?



the guy’s clearly backing off, hands by his side with another officer standing right next to him

"a panel accepted that she had genuinely mistaken Adunbi for a potentially violent man who had been trying to flee"


Hope he absolutely rinses them in the civil suit.






Absolutely fuck this practice and anyone who supports it. Wonder what it is that Piers finds so ‘repellent’ about these people…


Jeez those comments are really something, seems like 50% are actually advocating killing people for stealing a vehicle.


ever see people with enough money stealing shit?

no, you fucking don’t.


All the time but they work in white collar crime obviously :grimacing:


Is it legal for the police to do this? I don’t know anything about it to be honest, but to my untrained eye it looks like pretty brazen police brutality.