Rolling Fuck The Police Thread

Wow. I mean, I suppose shouldn’t be surprised, really. And yet…


reminder: 40% of US police beat their spouses
does anyone have figures for domestic violence amongst UK police?

“Quite wrongly and in a dreadful abuse of trust you used that knowledge for yourself. I have come to the conclusion that I can, just, justify the suspension of a prison sentence.

“I’m doing that because you were of good character and because of all the good work you have done before you brought disgrace upon yourself.”



Anyone posted this horrorshow yet?

Show your face or be asked to show ID. Fuck everything about this.


Anyone know the story behind this?

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Protester arrested, his glasses knocked to the floor, without which he can barely see. What does the cop do? Deliberately crush them under his boot.

I didn’t watch the video, the description is more than enough. This is just astonishingly awful.

I don’t think the police will ever believe us.


British police keep finding new ways to surprise me with what a disgrace they are :frowning:


It’s so bad that we’re not shocked by this stuff anymore.

Feels like we need an enquiry of the kind of that there was after Stephen Lawrence’s death to properly investigate and highlight the reasons women are not getting the help they need from the police and identify how these things can be addressed.

I know that publically stating that the police force was/is institutionally racist hasn’t been a magic bullet but it might be a start.


Heartbreaking and utterly enraging.
People don’t believe women until they’re dead.
And even then, their murderer was usually ‘a good bloke’, ‘a pillar of the community’ or some other such bollocks.

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THIRTEEN other women had reported him for stalking and she still wasn’t taken seriously?! JFC.

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didn’t you see tho, they’re launching an inquiry!


Just want to scream tbh

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Yet another occasion when a ‘like’ doesn’t feel appropriate.