Rolling Fuck The Police Thread

This is the nub of it. Police and security services are concerned with what they see as harmful to the State, not with discrimination against regular citizens. The Left are often trying to change the workings of the State, the Right generally wish to use the State to diminish minorities who already have very limited power.


Interesting as well from the guardian:

The wives of lots of these spy cops were told they were infiltrating serious organised crime, then found out they were infiltrating environmental groups and the like and being encouraged to sleep with other women and lie to them.

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Depressing reading that where we have statements about the police officers ‘having sexual relationships with other women’ but surely it was rape?

Anyway, absolutely fucked up how much the Met were taking things.

Also a reference to infiltrating ‘anti-racism groups’. You what? As if being anti-racism is somehow dangerous. Fucking hellstate.


I read as well that “Lynn” was kicked out of the clown group because she was too uptight and no good at being silly. Can’t even infiltrate a clown gang properly.

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Got to maintain standards


Lovely reference, there.

This is my way of avoiding a simple ‘like’ - gotta have a system.

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Finsbury Park!


“The officer, who used the fake name of Peter Fredericks during his covert deployment, at one point likened the intimate relationships police spies had with activists to an undercover officer “sampling the product” of drug dealers whose operations they were infiltrating.“

He can just fuck off with that creepy misogyny

This was just a perfect toxic mix wasn’t it.

As if we don’t have enough to be ashamed of in this awful fucking country.