Rolling great ready meals thread

Obviously the food snobs on here are the worst thing about this website by far, but that small clique of London-based tories to one side i wondered if we could actually be grown-ups for a minute.

I’m not that flush. I like a ready meal, but there are still stigmas amongst general fascists about quick fix food. Like with most things, there are good and bad at all price levels, so just kinda hoped we could have a bit of a non-judgemental safe space thread for people who for whatever reason don’t cook or don’t have the means to cook fresh every night.

I had this before. It was fucking incredible. It was like a £10 curry. Huge chunks of meat and actual greens. £2.50 from Icelands.


this is the first one that comes to mind as a favourite, £2.50

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Really rare to get a decent veggie one. But the tezzbots finest chicken prawn and chorizo paella is great and probably winds up @profk so that used to be a go to.

Also bighams obviously

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I have had the chicken tikka masala version of this a couple of times - good ready meal, would eat again

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There’s a breadcrumb-topped mac and cheese one in my local shop, 3 for a fiver. Pretty much the baseline of my diet

My modus operandi (yes, deal with it) is to hit up M&S in the evening and try and pick up the reduced to clear ready meals. For £5, not too interested in some Thai curry in a black trough, but for £1.50? Yes please. Basically any ready meal from M&S is great

Charlie Bighams mac n cheese, tikka masala

Tezzas chicken katsu curry

Have you heard of BOOTH’S, my friend?

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About to shut down innit

I have heard of the urban legend they call Booth’s, yes


Insane considering it shits all over Waitrose and M&S.

It’s not the cheapest, but the ready meals from Cook rule

It’s exactly the same as waitrose just with more wooden crates knocking about. Better than spenos though aye

McIntosh’s regular and smokey mac & cheeses are great.

Co-op do a decent chicken vindaloo. Morrison’s as well has a pretty hot one.

I’m having these tonight with rice. They’re excellent, imho.

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Some other suggestions in here

I use their butter chicken sauce as a base for my curries sometimes. Packaged sauces can taste a bit bitter so a spoonful of mango chutney mixed in does the job.

is that the shop in Hove that just sells fancy ready meals and nothing else? always been a bit perplexed by that place

There’s one in Lewes too. But yeah - they just sell frozen ready meals. Like an upmarket Iceland, if you will.