Rolling Grime / UK rap / Afrobeats 2017

Levels are peak right now, everyone’s firing on all cylinders and 2017 is obviously gonna be a big year.

The crazy thing about the UK right now is all the scenes are so great. It’s not just a grime resurgence but all the UK (t)rap stuff too and now London afrobeats are starting to blow. There were obviously some huge afro tunes last year but this might just be the big time. And the cool thing is everyone is collaborating with each other.

Dave x J Hus

Not what i’d expect from these two but a tune still.

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New Stormzy track off his upcoming Gang Signs & Prayers album

Pretty great tbh. Don’t expect much from the album if I’m honest, I can see from the tracklisting that it’s going to sway too much into Dreamers Disease territory with choruses and slower tracks… happy to be proved wrong though!

(this video is definitely going to get idiots frothing with that ending though…)

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This is really great. You can see he’s put work in to make it a ‘proper’ song (great hook!) but it doesn’t lose any vitality as a result. Hopefully the rest of the album is as good. Like you i’m always a bit worried when an MC trys to do something a bit more ‘grown up’ but it can be done well. For instance I like the Ray BLCK song he was on, a few tunes on that vibe would be good.

Turns out I was wrong about the Stormzy album. Still loads of great UK tunes though.

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this is pretty much my favourite track of 2017 so far

Chicken Boy :joy:


Pretty odd seeing him without a shirt and tie tbh

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In other news Kojo Funds is unstoppable rn

i love this so much

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I’ve had this stuck in my head for the past week:

can’t believe i missed this. nov is so fucking talented and he’s such a good dude. hope he’s got a big release in the works…

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really enjoy Opps Next Door, obviously (if anyone’s not heard the Tre Mission album that came out a few years ago on Big Dada it’s well worth a listen)

also… the dons