Rolling HayU Thread


So since Mrs Funkhouser has got me properly hooked on shows about rich women with plastic surgery and alcohol problems bitching at each other, lets talk about them here. I suspect that this might mainly be myself, @meowington and @shes_so_high but all are welcome! I’ll kick things off with my top 5 Real Housewives (characters, not looks based)
5. Heather Dubrow
4. Bethenny Frankel
3. Lisa VDP
2. Caroline Manzo

  1. Nene Leakes


I hate Bethenney! She’s too harshly direct for me.

  1. Carole Radziwil
  2. Lisa Rinna
  3. NeNe
  4. Erika Jayne!
  5. Sonja Morgan

I’m gutted Carole has said this is her lash season of RHONY :cry:

Did anyone watch Southern Charm?
I’ve only watched this latest season where T Rav got a new girlfriend who is apparently an escort and she’s fucking crazy!!!


I forgot about Lisa Rinna! Such a shit stirrer! And Erika, who could forget this absolute banger
We’re currently going through the OC again to catch up with the new ones, then might start Jersey again, or VDP Rules.


I have only watched RHOBH so far.

  1. Erika Jayne
  2. LVP
  3. Lisa Rinna
  4. Camile
  5. ???

@meowington I’ve recently started S1 of Sourhern Charm.


I think New York is the best one cause they’re nuts and now none of them are married cause they’ve all been cheated on so it’s a load of 50+ women with so much work done trying to date and stuff it’s amazing!


Gigi in at number 5 surely?