Rolling HayU Thread

We’re at the stage in BH where VDPR has just started and they’re trying to shoehorn all the restaurant staff in to promote it.

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Yep ever since that first VPR episode! I love it. Did you watch Winter House too?

Also, did you see Tom and Katie from VPR have split up?

Yes I loved Winter House but I do not need Austin Kroll on my TV!!! Have you watched Southern Charm too?

The latest summer house, he’s such a knob.

I did see! I’m not surprised though. She has a podcast and she did a 20 min episode on kind of why she decided to leave him (although it’s just “I chose my own happiness”)

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Urgh Austin is awful. I did try watching Southern Charm a few years ago but couldn’t get into it.

I’m not surprised about Katie and Tom either, they clearly haven’t been happy for a long time.

Anyone watching Real Housewives of Dubai? @meowington @Funkhouser

Not yet! Any good?

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Yes! Caroline Stanbury from Ladies of London is in it. Looks like it’ll be lots of drama.

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@meowington did you see Jen Shah was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison?!!!

She pleaded guilty!

Wow! Just reading up on it now. I thought she’d get a lot more! Mad!

They used her tagline in sentencing papers as it showed her mocking the system :joy:

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@meowington the new Pump Rules trailer looks so good!

Also, look at this! So happy Alex is part of it!

OK I’m not sure if this is the correct thread technically, but it feels like it -

My mum and I have started watching sMothered on TLC, and it actually makes our co-dependent relationship look normal. Dawn (a.k.a. Janice from Friends) is the absolute best, I could listen to her talk forever and she is completely deluded it’s amazing. Sunhe is TERRIFYING and my mum and I nearly vommed when they showed her and Angelica having a bath, wtf (apparently there’s another pair who are even more sexual with each other but I’ve missed their episodes, thankfully?)

Oh my GOD the creepy bath mum & daughter are ganging up on the boyfriend because he gave the granddaughter (his daughter) a bath while they were out, and it’s their sacred thing. Omgggg poor man, please take your child and run!

I really miss shows like this. And 90 Day Fiance. And the odd Sister Wives. Might have to get that TLC subscription…

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Serena Shahidi from the let me ruin your life podcast and spell pharaoh controversy says she’s getting a reality show with her publicist friend. Would be so good if that happens