Rolling HayU Thread


it’s niche.

But i LOVE it


first time I’ve had to @ people for a pun. Totally worth it though.


It’s the one with scary island!

@meowington Kelly really did not come across well and I do not like her. I’m ok S4 now abd there’s a new housewife, Cindy.




Oops…I have started watching Below Deck.



me tonight:


I’ve watched all of that Leah Remini thing now even through every episode is practically the same.


Yeah everyone follows the same line after a while. I thought the first one was a bit more informative than the second season.


I don’t know how Mike Rinder sleeps at night.


Anyone watching RHONJ?
It’s FIRE this season. Danielle is being a full bridezilla!


Paid for this channel just to watch the disappearance of maura murray and keep forgetting to cancel it.


Haven’t watched since Manzo left. Is it worth it?