Rolling HayU Thread


it’s niche.

But i LOVE it


first time I’ve had to @ people for a pun. Totally worth it though.


It’s the one with scary island!

@meowington Kelly really did not come across well and I do not like her. I’m ok S4 now abd there’s a new housewife, Cindy.




Oops…I have started watching Below Deck.



me tonight:


I’ve watched all of that Leah Remini thing now even through every episode is practically the same.


Yeah everyone follows the same line after a while. I thought the first one was a bit more informative than the second season.


I don’t know how Mike Rinder sleeps at night.


Anyone watching RHONJ?
It’s FIRE this season. Danielle is being a full bridezilla!


Paid for this channel just to watch the disappearance of maura murray and keep forgetting to cancel it.


Haven’t watched since Manzo left. Is it worth it?


All the housewives together fir Andy’s baby shower!


I’m so out of touch with them all I only recognise like 5 of them!


Been watching RHOCheshire @meowington, pretty sure the birthday party at the end of S2 is up there with the best episodes of any of them :joy:


Damn, was sure this would work as bait.


Ah didn’t know she had left, thought she just went on holiday. Hope she is having a good and happy life and would be lovely to see her return some day if she feels like it