Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


Yeah this is great. Agree that it's one of their best. I liked FPU but it was a bit relentless. This one strikes a better balance between everything they're good at.


Textures - Phenotype
Vektor - Terminal Redux
Ideology - Ideology
Gracepoint - Echoes
SikTh - Opacities


so that new oathbreaker record out today then


Never got round to listening to these until now, and I love this it's great.


I'm sure it will, but this one hasn't clicked yet as much as FPU, which i loved.


Magic, huh


is the Norma Jean one really that good? (not saying this to be cynical, just questioning it) - what do they sound like now, they got a bit stale really


this album is great


Not sure I'm getting what some others are. Could only get through 2 and a half songs before I moved on. Idk maybe I didn't give it a chance.




Grave Lines - Welcome to Nothing:


I'm going to give this a few more goes. Dunno what it is about ETID these days that I struggle with, maybe just a bit too polished or something.


this song/album is crunching me good


anyone checked out the new neurosis yet?


Yeah I like it. I think the last 2 tracks are probably the best. New Meshuggah is out today and so far it's really good.




New KEN Mode track is a belter:


Hmm not sure about new neurosis, bit dull


I feel like someone here's turned me onto them... can't remember how I found them... but anyway, listened to the new album from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard last week and it's fantastic. Proper dirgey doom with these lovely ethereal vocals, brilliant stuff.


New Dangers record is streaming and it's very good