Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


Enjoyed listening to the new Candiria album this afternoon. Had completely forgotten they existed.


New USA Nails track is shit hot. Love this band.


For anyone interested, it sounds like Mare are visiting parts of the UK and Europe early next year.

I've still got a lot of time the one EP that they released.


digging this, good recommendation TVDC


I've had this album by Super Unison on quite a bit since it came out last week. Really good post-hardcore, whatever that means any more. Excellent screaming throughout if you like that kind of thing:


oh man, I've not listened to that for ages.


anyone listened to new Planes Mistaken for Stars yet/

City of Caterpillar reformed too


Haven't had a chance to listen to the new DEP album, any good?


Sounds like the last two albums. I like it, but it's nothing new.


I like it. Not their best ever, but great. I love the opening track, too.


See I really liked Option Paralysis but wasn't too fussed about OOUITK. There are some great moments on it but as a whole it didn't really do much for me. I'll give the new one a listen next week. @bozo @Epimer


Think it's one of those where if it was by any other band you'd be thinking "holy shit, this is amazing", but, y'know, they've got a pretty formidable record to live up to.


I quite enjoyed OOUITK might have been because they played a lot of songs from it the last time I saw them but I genuinely think Hero of the Soviet Union is one of the best things they've ever written. Then again I'm one of those strange people who's more into the post-Calculating Infinity stuff.


Hero of the Soviet Union is incredible


You're not alone, I'm one of those strange people re: Calculating Infinity.

OOUITK is my favourite DEP album, it's fierce. Nothing's Funny is incredible and Paranoia Shields are two absolute standouts on that. Lot of time for Hero of the Soviet Union as well.


man if CoC come over here... I'm not sure what i'll do


Ha – I thought you were talking about Corrosion of Conformity at first there


Dunno what that is pal


Just revisited OOUITK and it's actually fucking great isn't it.. don't know why I was underwhelmed by it at the time. Listened to Dissociation twice through. Needs a couple more listens but so far thoughts are positive.


Really enjoying Dissociation so far. The only thing I wish it had is a proper epic like Widower or Mouth of Ghosts. Didn't like OOUITK much at the time either, save for a few tracks. Gonna have to go back as well. Glad they seem to be going out on a high.

On a different note entirely, the new Dead Congregation EP is strong as ever. One of the best death metal bands going today:

Also the Urzeit album is properly evil, riffy and raw black metal. I can't get enough of it: