Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


I think, for me, it was probably released at a time when I wasn't in the mood for a dose of the ol' brain-melters, idk. Glad this thread made me return to it.


guys, has anyone heard this Astronoid album? someone at work highly recommended it, and it's fucking nuts. it's like a really posi shoegazey black metal album. like Deafheaven meets Mew or something. which is good cos the vocals are definitely the reason I've never got on with Deafheaven.

anyway, give it a listen, at least to the end of the first song, it switches up a bit. second song is brilliant. will report back in a bit.

oh they call themselves 'dream thrash' :smile:


:grin:This totally sounds like Dance Gavin Dance going black metal

Can't help but like it though, thanks for the tip!


haha I saw a tour poster for DGD the other day, as if they're still going! did really love that one fucking cheesy song they had though...

(took me ages to find that, couldn't remember the name at all)

yeah there's elements of some old pop-punk-ish bands for sure - the end of Tin Foil Hats sounds like The Quiet Things...! but yeah a lot of fun. perfect ATG band if you ask me...


christ, despite being pretty awful this is still a massive, massive tune


I came across Instant Gratification a few months ago and really enjoyed it, on paper it's not usually the kind of thing I go for but I like the juxtaposition of opaque lyrics, insane fretwork and harmonies.


hmm might give that a go then, seeing as the last time I listened to them was 2008 (!)


Mayhem are playing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in full in March



This is incredible


aww man those vocals are so badly fitting haha


Downloaded this a few weeks ago, ridiculous stuff.


nah man it's great fun :relaxed:


new Code Orange is up for preorder. not crazy about this, nor the cornball video either. needs more Reba.


oh shit. Helmet have a new album out. Going to give it a spin. Not expecting much.


It’s shit. Don’t bother.


Anyone listening to the new Deathspell Omega record? Sounds pretty much unlike anything I’ve heard this year, absolute mind bending brilliance


no but can’t wait for it


it’s streaming/available for download now bro