Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


Whoa! I wasn’t but I am now. Nuts!


new martyrdod.

yussssssss, crust punk with guitar solos.


I loved Paranoia but Eldopp left me totally cold. Hopefully this is a return to form.

Deathspell Omega easily one of the best releases this year. Absolutely incredible.


Some pals just put out a few minutes of punky/hardcore-y/screamo-y stuff


new animals as leaders is so fucking good. seriously diverse, a lot more ‘nylon’ as Tosin puts it which is really interesting, really complex obviously but with loads of groove to it. what a band.


thumbs up on the new Watchtower Mini-Album Concepts of Math: Book One


roadburn lineup next year is nuts. WITTR, Oxbow and SUMAC so far. fuuuuuuuck. that’s almost enough for me right there. might finally make the pilgrimage.


new OvO track sounds pretty nuts


ffs sean


scissorfight! from the 90s! a chance to relive being 14, you say?

oxbow is about the oddest festival band i can think of. tempted.


Roadburn is the best metal festival. Gutted I can’t afford to return this year.


Roadburn is ace. Would definitely recommend going if you have the chance.


Oxbow once played Bristol Community Festival at Ashton Court. They were fantastic.


I saw them as “Oxbow Acoustic Duo” supporting Isis at the Corporation in Sheffield in 2007. I knew nothing about them and was slightly freaked out by Eugene’s intense/threatening stares at people in the first few rows (myself included) while getting increasingly more undressed!


From much earlier this year, but recently I’ve been really taking with a band called Null.

Doom and gloom from Southern USA. I expected the vocals to be quite growly but they’re actually fairly clean shoegaze stuff. It’s also not constantly heavy in that it occasionally becomes a bit more stoner rock, grunge, post rock etc. It’s paced really well. Gradually becoming one of my favourites of the year.


Quite enjoying the Khemmis album, sort of makes me think of what might have happened if Metallica were more influenced by doom rather than thrash.


Anyone had a good old bang of the Truckfighters album? It’s weird but pretty damn meaty.


had a bit of an internet friendship with eugene earlier in the year. he’s a really odd bloke. one of the best live bands i’ve ever seen.


YEEEEEESSSSS this is fucking amazing so very very triumphant - can’t see it being more than a fling but man am I going to enjoy it while it lasts


Yeah I loved it when it came out but I haven’t really gone back to it. So much music this year though that I’m sure I’ll revisit stuff over the next couple of years and wonder why I didn’t give it more time.