Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


I’ll be honest I mostly just listen to that one song but it’s flipping great


guys, I have listened to this album in full at least once a day since it came out

what is wrong with me


This has actually grown on me massively, maybe I missed my true calling as a fan of classic doom.


Also picked this up on a whim, excellent raging Helmet/Unsane style noise rock


Anyone check out House of Lightning? Henry Wilson from Floor, Eric Hernandez of Wrong and Rick Smith from Torche making fun-heavy-thrash-rock jams. Fucking excellent, the drumming is huge.


Excellent album that


:scream_cat: NEW ASH BORER :scream_cat:


This album is incredible, maybe the best thing they’ve done so far.


Second release of the year from this one man atmospeheric black metaller out of Montana, and he really nails it on this one. Sounding like early Opeth in places with a fair bit of clean vocals interspersing the harsher parts. Very nice.


*atmospheric, stupid fingers.


Deafheaven are playing the UK in April


they’re not even on blackmetalbook


Holy shit, they’re playing the Brudenell that would be fucking great. Only date they’re not playing with Youth Code though, would want to see them as well! From their website:

Apr 21 - Koko w/ YOUTH CODE, London

Apr 22 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Apr 23 - Saint Luke’s w/ YOUTH CODE, Glasgow

Apr 24 - Gorilla w/ YOUTH CODE, Manchester

Apr 25 - O2 Academy w/ YOUTH CODE, Birmingham

Apr 26 - Tramshed w/ YOUTH CODE, Cardiff


Yeah I might go Bruders for it as well

are Youth Code good? I listened to one and it was…awful haha


Definitely up for the Brudenell date. Got a ticket to see Oathbreaker there in January, looks like they’re getting more metal acts booked these days, which is a good thing.


I like Youth Code but they’re very much a different thing!

And yeah @LastAstronaut I’ve booked my tickets for the Brudenell. Don’t think I can make it to the Oathbreaker gig due to work the next day and travelling back to the north east, but if I lived closer I definitely would!


I do like living just a 10 minute drive from the Brud I must say. :slight_smile:


Arguably the best venue in the UK, you’ve clearly picked a good spot!


Anyone caught the ETID tour?

Off tomorrow and I cannot wait. Drug Church are properly good while 68 are even better. Josh Scogin is a bit of a hero. ETIDs new one is pretty good too, still a few Southern rock tinged songs which suck


I :heart: Scogin. Enjoy fella, '68 are total boss, saw them couple of years ago upstairs at the Garage and it was bedlam.