Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0


the album is so good as well. One of those that improves with every listen. Really hope they play Track 6 and 7.


Yeah it's a beast, lots going on and new bits cropping up. The re-worked version of Third Time's A Charm is awesome. I like how on track 4 you can hear the amp blow up near the end. :smiley:


Im hoping something happens live. Only saw Norma Jean with the replacement and missed the Chariot which is a shame so hopefully it will be good!

Hope the etid fans are into it too. Miles better than then


Make sure to wear a check shirt for the full Scogin-crew look like these absolute lads (I'm at the front grinning like a fool)


He loves an arched back scream into the microphone. How is that comfy?


Haha i may have to!


got tickets other day for Oathbreak + Svalbard at the end of the month, should be belting

Off to DEP's final shows - hope they do a nice mix of older stuff cause they've been shit since Ire Works, new album is no exception




New track from Planning For Burial, sounds great -


Oooft harsh


The DEP bit?


Yeah, no way going to see Oathbreaker could be harsh.. be more oooft jealous


I was gonna say!

Just find DEP really boring now. Greg tries far too hard to be Mike Patton and I think theyve tried too hard to recapture their old sound and become pale imitators of themselves really. Still, itl be a good show and I hppe there are some nice throwbacks


I'd be the same. Would be disappointed if the set wasn't filled with a good balance of Miss Machine, Ire Works, Option and OOUITK along side the latest (never really got into Calculating Infinity). Got into them around Option (also my fave) so that's only why I say harsh


Enjoying this from KRAUSE:


Yeah that would explain it! For me their laat good album was Miss Machine, I love Calculating Infinity. The ep they made with Mike Patton when they were between singers is brilliant tpp


Anyone listened to Brain Tentacles? pretty damn good


The new Endless Floods record is good if you like obnoxiously long, unbearably bleak doom. And who doesn't?


Might be of interest to some?

As part of a european tour, Ash borer are doing their first uk dates late, glasgow, bristol...maybe a couple of other stops too?


Metal song of the Year? quite possibly.