Rolling Heavy Music 2016 2.0

#141 oof this looks good


New Mutation, from the forthcoming third album Dark Black......


Ooof Mare and Corrupt Moral Alter are touring, lovely


As are Sumac and Oxbow!


yup, got a ticket for this. fuckin sweet m8.


Any info on what the venue is in Leeds?


nah not sure. they're playing the tufnell park dome in london.




Thought it would, cheers!


Not sure about heavy.. demented maybe. Fucking loving these Glaswegian psychos atm


New Part Chimp, anyone?


Got tickets to the Devil Sold His Soul 'A Fragile Hope' 10 year anniversary show today. Original lineup back together for it, which is obviously the only reason I'd go as it wouldn't be the same without Ed on vocals.

Genuinely think it's a classic, that record. Nothing they did afterwards particularly interested me but it far outstrips anything produced by any of the surviving UK metalcore/scene bands.

For anyone who hasn't heard it before...


I really really like Like It's Your Last by them, and never listened to anything else. No idea why


I saw them in Milton Keynes, must have been back in 2007 they were absolutely immense.

Amusingly one of my friends said they were 'too emo' afterwards.


the only time I ever saw them was in 2009 at Slam Dunk festival in Leeds ha, they were great though. I kind of get that someone might think the singing bits are 'emo' but they fit so well in the context of the rest of the music. hardly Underoath or something (who incidentally are doing a throwback tour this year too ha)


Track off the forthcoming Pallbearer album. Love these guys



definitely best thing they've put out for a while but not sure it's enough to bring me back on board tbh


bit late, but now fully into this.



Utterly brutal, riff-tastic destruction.