Rolling Heavy Music 2017



What does everyone think of the new Bronx album then? I think it’s an absolute beast; some absolute bangers on it - Night Drop, Stranger Danger, Fill The Tanks, Two Birds, Sore Throat = winner.

I love how consistently brilliant they are :smiley:


this is an amazing album


Like the tracks Ive heard so far. Will have to give it a proper listen. Its Aaron Harris (drummer of Isis) that produced it tho.


it’s fucking boss, as always.

i’m going to keep buying their records until one of us dies.


Fact. Putting a review together at the moment and I’m trying to stop myself from writing “EVERY TRACK IS FUCKING BRILLIANT!”


What’s that ‘hidden’ track at the end of Kingsize? Is it a cover?


what track? not sure its on my copy.


Ah right, so on my CD copy of V, the last track, Kingsize, is over 6 minutes long. Another track starts after it finishes at the 3.28ish and I’ve no idea what it is!


shit. don’t think i’ve actually had the cd on yet, just the download. i’ll have to go rip it.

good watching out.


Yeah, I had to do that after my mate told me about it. The hidden track is proper cheesy, lyric-wise, which makes me think it’s a cover, but I don’t know! His vocals sound really good though. Also, the guitars on this album - how good are they? Seriously, Joby and Ken have proper gone for it on this.


I didn’t know they’d released two records, got Kelle Surut Soi and like it a lot.

Speaking of new BM bands, have you checked out the debut by Nattverd that I linked further up? Powerful old school BM with some excellent riffs.


Think the newer one might be a re release of earlier demos.

Not yet, will do!


Another track from the forthcoming Body x Full of Hell record “Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light” .


this is good, and I am looking forward to hearing this album!


This is a big smelly beast of an abum



Listened to this new Rolo Tomassi track over and over today. New album will be great surely.


That’s brilliant!


It is indeed. Excited to hear it shake the Borderline at the weekend.


And I’m working. Missing Paradise Lost too!
Fucking work.


Rolo really do keep improving