Rolling Heavy Music 2017



Yep, each album somehow better than the last.


That sucks.

Work - can’t live with it, tricky to fund a music obsession without it.


I saw them supporting Fall of Troy (ew) and they really how much they had developed


Anyone a fan of JOHN? Two fellas called John making punk rock, yeah?


this is fucking amazing

it’s heavy and hard but just do it


Absolutely colossal isn’t it!


Love the album cover.



Atmospheric BM from Germany


not heard of these, sounds decent! will check


Been listening to it a lot the last month or so. As someone mentioned upthread about something else, it ebbs and flows really well from cold atmos to searing blastbeating


Also, this youtube channel is full of this good stuff


Free DL as well if you want it


I’ve been quite enjoying this Hundred Suns album (members of Norma Jean, ETID, Dead & Devine) Lazily, sounds kind of Deftones/Perfect Circle like

And the new Big Dumb Face album, which came out yesterday and is absolutely rubbish and i love it.


Code Orange are doing a song with Alt-j…


Cant be worse than being on WWE


WITTR and Myrkur supporting Enslaved next year




New All Pigs Must Die album streaming on MetalSucks.

Ben Koller of Converge on drums (busy man this year, what with Converge, Mutoid Man and this showing off his still superlative chops and groove) and Brian Izzi of Trap Them.

Reminds me of Cursed/Nails/Pig Destroyer. In other words, awesome.


Sorry to tell you that work kept you away from an awesome Rolo Tomassi gig at the Borderline tonight. Fantastic setlist and another brilliant new song to add to Rituals.

New album is out on 2nd March and UK tour in April. Tickets onsale this week according to Mr Spence.