Rolling Heavy Music 2017



Only just getting into Big Brave. What a record.


Been listening to Calligram recently Blackened Hardcore from London kind of reminds me a bit of Pine Barrens and Young and In The Way, new album out this month here’s what I think is probably going to be the single.


Listened to this today after seeing it on the AOTM thread. Love it


Think it was @LastAstronaut top pick


Man I’ve been wondering what album this was after I saw it in the best artwork thread! Thought it might appeal to me on that alone, so cheers!


It was. It’s worth checking out the other Mass albums if you like this one.

I saw them live at Damnation a few years ago, vocalist with his back to the audience, no stage lighting just a dark back projection, very intense!

(not a great photo unfortunately)


AmenRa are a ridiculously good live band. Saw them at Temples festival (RIP) in Bristol a few years back, the sound system was monstrous and to be honest they were probably the highlight of the day for me (Neurosis headlined).


I was a bit disappointed by this. Au de La is much better imo.


I have been enjoying stuff like this recently:

Nice old school hardcore sound to it, but doesn’t sound stale or dated.


Really enjoying this although it seems as though the band have a somewhat complex history. Here’s another track from the album


aww shit Mike Patton is doing Irony is a Dead Scene in full with DEP


yeah, I like that one too, although not as much as “The Sprilaing Void” I do like the use of Flute though, lol.


what are folk’s thoughts on Thrice Woven (latest WITTR album)?
I’ve only listened a couple of times and it made very little impression on me. Am I missing something?


I’ve warmed to it a bit but I feel it’s probably their weakest album overall. The production is pretty lacking which doesnt help.


was initially unimpressed but I would have said that at least the neurosis guy’s yokel wisdom poem left an impression on me!
(I’ve kinda come round to since it too, maybe it’s worth revisiting?)


anyone heard the new electric wizard album with the inexcusably terrible cover?


That’s probably the worst bit for me but probably the best song otherwise! Love when the opening double kick bit gives way to the half time melody.


I really like it, not their best by any means but I still think there are some very strong moments on it, opener Born of a Serpent’s Eye and closer Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon I think are great. I’m just really pleased to have them back. I’m really looking forward to finally seeing them live in December too!


the ploughs are charmed!


oh my word, i would love to see that