Rolling Heavy Music 2017



only just found out Trap Them are splitting up :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah that will be amazing
Daughters are back too??


I was really enjoying the slower, sludgier, doomier side to WITTR and thinking ‘huh this is a pretty interesting direction actually, quite enjoying the gruffer lower style to the vocals too’.

Listened to it about four times before I twigged that it was supposed to be played at 45rpm.



I’m now really curious as to what this sounds like at 45rpm


at 45 it sounds like it’s supposed to.

At 33 it sounds like a fairly cool doom/black metal hybrid!


Chaos Moon - Eschaton Memoire. Incredible progressive/psychedelic/atmospheric black metal. Love the artwork too!



gonna see yards and row of ashes on saturday, the latter seem good


This is a pretty good re-recording from DSHS. I think this was my favourite track of theirs from memory:


Can’t stop listening to this. I’ve played it twice a day since first hearing it, totally captivating.


New Electric Wizard is quite shit isn’t it.


It’s not great, aye. A pal told me they’ve taken to projecting holocaust images behind them when they play now…


Yeap that record is fantastic, feel like I could listen to it on repeat forever


oh, I think I’d say I quite enjoyed it on first (not very careful) listen, although it’s impossible to take them seriously now (don’t know if it ever was possible though)


Amenra/Boris co-headline tour? Yes. Yes I approve.


Only just discovered Amenra from the post up tread, so this tour looks very timely.




Their first ever proper tour of the UK as well. Timing!


Boris just did a uk tour didnt they? Saw em in manc doing Pink


This has potential.