Rolling Heavy Music 2017



Anyone a fan of the Single Mothers album? Bit of a banger. Singer’s got a great snarling voice and it’s proper crunching in places.


shit name though

Loving the new Godflesh LP


I never really got into a world lit only by fire - bit too much of a retread of former glories. This one is brilliant though. Lot more variety but still bleak as fuck. Few listens in, but might be up there with their best.


hoping for a 2018 tour. be nice if they played leeds for once as well


I can’t wait for Fredrik Thordendal of the Meshuggah to release his second Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects album. The first one is one of the most genius metal releases of all time. Consisting of just guitar track(s) and drums with some growling spoken speech, it is a weird, often psychedelic experience with progressive genius filling each and every second of the album.


Manchester 25/04
London 26/04


Hope Thou do a few more dates. Can’t make either of those and I’d bloody love to see Thou.


i think they are coming over to do their own tour next summer…fingers crossed. Well, this is what they are trying to do. Got a few releases lined up for next year as well :smiley:


Fabulous news. I’d love it if they could pull that off.


Alright Fredrik Thordendal we know it’s you.


fuckin yas. crowbar are the best live doom\whatever band i’ve seen. just nail everything.


I assume we all love 80s thrash and 80s slasher movies the correct amount (ie a lot)? Why not combine the two in that case, as Swedish lot F.K.Ü. have done…


Krallice -

Never really listened to them before (figured they’d be too ‘technical’, and maybe too US, for my taste), but this new one seems pretty good so far:

(also recently listened to Krallice ft Dave from Neurosis, which was decent but actually is too ‘technical’ for me!)

What does everyone else think about Krallice? Any album recommendations etc.?


year past matter is the boy

beautifully written songs


Oh man hadn’t listened to this in at least a year, it’s like being sandblasted by joy.


Krallice are one of those bands that just dropped off my radar so will have to check this out. First two albums are brilliant.


Anyone else enjoying the new Adult Swim single from Code Orange? Quite different to stuff of Forever to my ears.

An expanded UK headline tour would be great. Really not up for a Trivium gig at Brixton Academy just to see Code Orange.


They’re doing three dates on the off days of that tour. Portsmouth, Newcastle and Nottingham.


Yeah, I did see those. Selfishly, I was hoping that they might add a date or two closer to where I live. I’d like to see them, but not in Brixton with Trivium.


That new song is brilliant, it seems to even heavier on the weird samples and the ‘jumpy’ sections.
So tempted to go to Nottingham, even if I’m already seeing them with Trivium.