Rolling Heavy Music 2017

Oh nice, well up for this

It’s quite…dare I say melodic for Oxbow? Enjoying it a lot though

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yeah definitely sounds like a continuation of the sorta acoustic/chamberish sound of narcotic story. i only listeend once each but gonna reserve judgement for the whole album.

i’m in the “mastodon have gone shit” camp, few bands have had such a good run before going shit tho

another vote for these guys, their album just came out

Don’t really get the hate for the new Mastodon album (or the last few in general). It’s no Leviathan I admit (and Show Yourself is a bit of a dud) but they still sound pretty good to me. Anyone would think they’d turned into Foo Fighters or something the way some people talk.


Halloween from Once More Round The Sun is blistering hyper-prog-metal.

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I quite like the new one. It’s not a patch on the first three records but I’ve just about come to terms with the fact they’ve developed into a different band than I’d hoped and listened to it for what it is rather than what it isn’t. And it’s pretty good.


Hey older fans of heavier music.

Does the intro to this Stereogum piece on “pop metal” ring true? If so, it sounds like it was more fun to be into “metal” in the 80s:


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Just heard Melt Your Mind - very good, although it seemed a bit more mellow than i remember the last album being. Maybe I’m not remembering that correctly?

mate sent me a link to this yesterday, don’t really like it but it’s definitely… something

slave music vs. black metal

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Only listened to it once but Wear Your Wounds is definitely worth a gander. Mr Bannon is on to something here. Reminds me a bit of your Dawnwalker stuff @ericthefourth


Re:Sumac/Oxbow live- JUST DO IT would be my advice. I don’t know about two nights in succession but definitely at least once.

Also: do you guys know Broker?

On Smalltown America. Their latest album was released last year but it’s too good not to mention. Bestial, slightly jazzy, weird chords, all-over-the-place but focused post-hardcore. But HEAVY.

Here’s a taster:

Gouge Away put out my favourite heavy record last year and have a new track up

yeah, i just discovered them last week too. it’s an interesting idea. I quite like it, but not entirely convinced by the execution.

ah the grass is always greener in kreuzberg is a killer track

Aaron Turner has a new drone thing called Thalassa

Anyone got the Kerrang Top 50 evil tracks that camr out last week?

Iceland seems to be at the heart of BM revivalism atm. Signal Rex have put out tonnes of great releases in recent months, particularly by Draugsol and Grimmd. Here’s their Bandcamp

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welp, Oxbow/SUMAC was fucking mint

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