Rolling Heavy Music 2017



Looking for some new heavy but repetitive music. Sludgy drum stuff like Sloath or Bismuth something. Any recommendations?


Pyr by Ghold is pretty awesome. It’s from 2016 though so would be madness to mention it here


FLUISTERAARS - Not from this year, and not sludgy, but it is very good, repetitive and heavy!


going to the Devil Sold His Soul 10 year anniversary show at the Dome on Saturday night, hope it’s good, sure I’ll enjoy it after a few bank holiday beers anyway. might bang the album on now actually…


Utterly fantastic, best atmospheric bm album I’ve heard this year. Hypnotic, melodic riffs and vocals that sound like an arctic gale screaming through the air!



just checking it out now. the sound is absolutely immense, love it.


New Elder stuff for anyone who’s into that sort of thing (not sure if this should be here or in the psych thread):

(Disclaimer: I wrote the words. Don’t let that put you off).


Earache are putting on a stage at Glastonbury


new Full Of Hell is sounding good





Can’t wait for this coming out in a couple of weeks


That’s really good. They’re coming back over in August. Will definitely be going to see them again.


Rest in Peace TEXTURES.

This really sucks as I really enjoy Phenotype from 2016, and was quite looking forward to Genotype, the follow-up…


Debut album proper by Lithuanian post black metal band Au-Dessus. Their self titled 2015 EP was a total slap in the face adrenaline rush, this one still is but is more expansive and mature sounding, it stills kicks major arse though!


Ok, so I’m a bit late discovering Employed To Serve, but they seem to be yet another quality band from Holy Roar. If I’d been able to make a Rolo Tomassi gig at Oslo in 2015 - ETS supported - I might have got to know them a bit sooner, but circumstances had other ideas. Better late than never.


Colin Stetson’s metal band (featuring that Liturgy dude on drums) are surprisingly fun. In a 12 minute labyrinthine instrumental sort of way.


theyre touring end of July


That drummer is insane