Rolling Heavy Music 2017



Indeedy. Unfortunately I can’t make the Borderline date, but hopefully there’ll be another London date not too far away.

Actually, Rolo Tomassi taking a break from recording to play a gig or two soon would be great too.


This is great but it really needs shorter songs, I’m really struggling with all the 10 mins + songs kicking round these days.


Fair enough, I love big long epics myself, you should try the Au-Dessus album I linked a few posts above this one, the tracks on there are mostly around 6 minutes, longest on the album is 9 minutes I think.


Will do, thanks.


Any Manc pals off Melt Banan ?


great youtube comments 2017 - “sounds like Interpol made a metal song”


Eighteen Visions are back to their old sound and its actually alright


Out Friday… :slight_smile:


Pleasantly surprised how relatively straight forward\accessible this track is…in a good way, I was expecting something slightly more labyrinthine and opaque which would probably be a bit tricky over the course of an entire album.


Patton and Lombardo hook up once again


new track from Dead Cross (Mike Patton/Dave Lombardo band)


Listened to this earlier, great sounding album, shame about the title.


Ahem ^


:smiley: yeah terrible name

turns out I can’t actually make their London gig but Kamio’s a terrible venue anyway I guess


as if this got 3 likes


Totally deserving :wink:



Been listening to this for a few weeks for review (which I really need to finish) and it’s really quite something.


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiit


New Ufomammut stuff incoming: