Rolling Heavy Music 2017



A taster of the new Wolves in the Throne Room album Thirce Woven, their first ever music video! The album version of this track continues for another 6 minutes.


New WITTR song here

Radio edit + video


jinx! Didn’t realise the full thing was on Bandcamp though!


Haha fuck’s sake

the full track is best anyway :wink:


Just listened to the full thing, excellent stuff! Just what I’d hoped for tbh, as much as I liked Celestite I was worried we might not see another ‘proper’ album from them.


I’m in love with the new Big|Brave track/video.


Today Is The Day playing London in October :heart_eyes:


Cheers for this, I loved the previous album. Saw them in London a few years back an thought they sounded great live.


Would be great if they brought kayo dot for the UK leg too


Just saw this on a Noise Rock group I’m part of on Facebook, looks interesting:

Members of Thrice, Kowloon Walled City and Curl Up And Die! Woah.


So far the only confirmed support is Tombs who are pretty good tbf


Yeah, Eau de La is a great album. Wonderful live too. This does sound a bit like more of the same though, but longer… Maybe more will reveal itself through repeated listening. Still excited for the new album.


I haven’t managed to catch them yet - really hope they do Bristol again soon.

The teaser for the album seemed to hint at a different, slightly fuller sound so I’m intrigued to see how much of it is Eau De La II. Though that’s a great album so I won’t be too disappointed if it is.


Yeah, I saw them at the Stag & Hounds (RIP). I was captivated.


Enjoying this


I joined that group too but get so many notifications I rarely check anything out. This is right up my street however. Had to buy it. Cheers.


Big Brave London date, haven’t seen any other dates tho


Big Brave in Manchester Sunday 22nd october at the Star and Garter.

Gutted i missed their show a few years back at the Stag and Hounds, believe it was free/pay what you like.

October is getting ridiculously heavy - Shellac, Unsane, Today is the Day, Melvins.


Didn’t know Unsane were touring, cheers for that.


Where unsane at?