Rolling Heavy Music 2017



This is fucking good!


Aye, there’s shitloads of stuff on that group - far too much at times! Have found a few gems though.


Dates incoming - will post them here when I know

New Unsane lp on Southern Lord in September

New 7inch on Amrep earlier this month


FAO punk rock fans, Specialist Subject records are having a sale on a load of their stock (they’re moving!)

Just snapped up the Doe, Fairweather Band, Great Cynics, Muncie Girls and other stuff on the cheap - boom!


Discovered this on metalsucks: - bit These Arms Are Snakes in places, sleazy southern-rock action in others. Big fan.


Unsane are playing the Dome Tuffnell Park on Mon 16th October. Only UK date.


Mentioned this in today’s new releases thread but have we talked about the Dead Cross album yet? It sounds like Fantomas if they’d made a hardcore punk record. My favourite Mike Patton vocal performance for years. The glow in the dark packaging is pretty great too!


Sorry just saw that we have talked about them, GREAT ALBUM THOUGH!


The debut album by Edinburgh band DVNE is fantastic. It’s got a real Crack the Skye era Mastodon / Baroness feel to it but with a fair bit more heft. Highly recommended.


The dead cross album is out. It’s decent.


Are Venom Prison much cop? Sound alright from what ive heard


I like this a lot


I’m utterly in love with the new Bell Witch album art…

…but as much as I love them one 83 minute long doom odyssey sounds like it could be a bit of a slog.


This popped up in my email from Bandcamp yesterday and the artwork has lead me to want to check them out. However, I didn’t realise it was an epic doom odyssey, that might stretch my patience a little. Cracking artwork though!


Their last one, Four Phantoms, is well worth a listen. Great artwork for that too. But there’s a 22 minute track on their which, while fantastic, does try the patience a little. A track nearly 4 times the length sounds…intimidating.


Just read a Pitchfork interview with them about Four Phantoms, this made me smile and made me want to check them out;

“One time we played a show with a bill of technical death metal bands. We weren’t really interested, but the promoter kept asking us and eventually even offered us money, so we felt stupid turning them down at that point. And we cleared most of the crowded room. A few of the people that didn’t leave were doing the “YOU SUCK” and “FUCK YOU” things during the quiet parts. One guy stood at the front of the stage for everyone else to see and directed his two middle fingers at me; Adrian caught it and slowed the tempo down considerably for effect. To be honest, I thought we were playing great. Eventually, the sound guy cut us off, but he handed me every dollar promised, and we laughed all the way to the bar down the street.”


:grinning: Fantastic.I love stories of bands dealing with narrow minded audiences. I remember reading an interview with Neil Fallon about the time toured supporting Slayer, with their famously open minded/hearted fans, and how he reacted to the chorus of expletives that greeted their sets by go-go dancing at them. I imagine that went down well.


Had a proper listen today. So fun


Saw these guys supporting Elder on Sunday night. Really good.


Dunno what the point in that bauhaus cover is though :smile: