Rolling Heavy Music 2017



New Full of Hell & The Body collaboration due shortly preview track “Earth Is Cage” sounds fantastic.


Really liked Four Phantoms, I didn’t know their drummer and one of the founding members had passed away which must have been devastating since I think from their inception they were a duo.


Great name :smiley:


Yeah, I know he’d left the band a while before his passing but I don’t know the details. The section on the new album with all the unused vocal takes of his must have been emotional to put together.


New track from WITTR;


oozing wound are playing in london this week, you should go see them, they are a good time.


The new Sannhet is streaming on the Indo (!) It’s a lot less Black Metal but I really like it so far.


On the one hand I did really enjoy the last sannhet lp but on the other I did catch myself thinking “this is great and all but I would rather be listening to Russian Circles”


Just done a quick search and not seen any other thread where Zeal & Ardor have been mentioned, so here seems like the best place. It’s black metal but, with a blues and gospel aspect to it. It’s weird but it works, I’m a little obsessed with it at the moment. I think there’s loads of potential for this to be really special.


This new album from Yards (ex-Ghost of A Thousand) is pretty brutal. I highly recommend it:


They were superb live, the other day. I’ve always felt the album sounded a bit flat though.


Really enjoying Zeal & Ardor. This live version is brilliant.


Anyone else receive a Bandsintown notification about a Rolo Tomassi gig in London in November? Slim chance perhaps, I know. Gig tickets were on Dice, but have now disappeared.

If they can top Grievances, the new album is going to be amazing. The albums have just got better and better



Interesting new project from members of Cattle Decapitation and Pig Destroyer on first listen I’m kind of getting Today Is The Day esque avant metal/grind/noise rock vibes


Don’t wanna sound like a know-it-all, but Zeal & Ardor are probably the next Ghost.


Couldn’t see this monster mentioned upwards, but its 22-ish minutes of brutal brilliance are well worth a listen. (Ok, so I might’ve mentioned it in the New Album Releases thread too, but I’m not on the Holy Roar payroll. )


Brand new Architects and Mastodon are both superb



Any fans of Couch Slut? The new one is ace