Rolling Heavy Music 2017



also I’ve only just heard about Decapitated, fucking hell


Venom Prison pulled out of the upcoming tour and posted a (mostly) balanced statement on facebook- they’re not assuming guilt, but morally can’t go through with the tour while these charges are outstanding etc.

as you’d expect, many of the comments underneath it are… not great


check out my pal’s black metal album. best artwork of the year, obviously.



ooooh shittt


They’ve just released it on Bandcamp, didn’t think it was due until Friday. It is fucking magnificent.


42 mins! Better have packed a lot in.


That’s not much shorter than their other albums, Black Cascade & Celestial Lineage are both 50 mins, Two Hunters was 47.

“Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon” though, wow!


oh no this steve von til spoken word bit is so cringe :joy:


little bit disappointed with that. the production is quite lacking and it’s not their best material for me. certainly not bad by any means but lacking a certain magic that all the other albums have. last track is definitely the best thing on there, but overall it feels a little bit undercooked.


I listened to it twice last night and although my initial “omg it’s amazing” may have been a tad hasty I’m by no means disappointed. The production does seem a bit muddier than previous releases but I’ll wait until I get my pre-ordered vinyl to see if that’s just the Bandcamp stream before any criticism.

I didn’t find the spoken word bit by the Neurosis guy cringey but for me it is the weakest of the tracks on there.

I’m just really happy they’ve returned to the fury and I think with repeated listens it will be high in my end of year list.


obviously it’s self-produced so it’s never going to come close to the randall dunn produced ones (though he is credited on it) but it is a shame, it was a big part of the appeal of those records. i’ll probably warm to it but the material just seems a bit basic somehow, i don’t really know how to describe it.


hi @ericthefourth


This is great. :metal:


Can’t wait to listen to both these tomorrow… especially Chelsea Wolfe


would have preferred it if wittr had gone deeper into the synth stuff, ah well.


you can tell they’ve at least tried to integrate the synth stuff a bit better, not totally sure it’s worked but


Converge curating and playing “You Fail Me” in full at Roadburn next year


Oof lovely


Aye quite tempted by that. What’s the deal with tickets? Do they sell out in 5 seconds?