Rolling Heavy Music 2017



No idea, cant say ive heard of it before tbh! Defo keen on going though


Yeah that totally looks like my cup of tea


How nasty and menacing is the title track of YFM! Fucking slays me every time


Picked up the Lower Slaughter album this week, really liking it. Singers voice is so great.

Lower Slaughter Thread

They used to. But the venue has increased in size since then. It won’t sell out until a month or so before the festival, and there’s always people selling tickets close to the festival.

Went in 2012. Absolutely the best time. Highly recommend it to anyone. Keeping an eye on it, see if it can tempt me back across the Atlantic.


Vinyl edition kickstarter/preorder


Hey @Severed799 are you involved in the new Maths shows?


I’m not! They’re just a theee piece these days, Matt runs his guitar through both a guitar and bass amp and Zen plays synths now. It would be fun but never been asked :wink:


Shit I’d love to see that record in full. In Her Shadow would be amazing


can’t remember the last time i heard about a band who didn’t do this


True but were they skramz?

Basically bass guitars are dead


Spotlights released one of my albums of the year last year and somehow are releasing another one this year.
They’re a mix of shoegaze and sluge metal and can do a good line of pretty and brutal in the same song.
It’s released on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records and produced by Arron Turner (of Isis).
Hopefully this’ll make them huge.


I know it’s been mentioned upthread but I’m really enjoying Ex Eye at the moment.


The new Dawn Ray’d album is out, it’s really good but I’m not sure about the two tracks with clean vocals. I have no issue with clean vocals if you’ve got a decent singing voice but this guy hasn’t unfortunately, imo he should stick to the growling.


That last Spotlights album unfortunately got filed under ‘records I’ve listened to once, thought “man that’s awesome!” and then somehow immediately forgot about’ for me. Really need to rectify that.


i like it but feel like it’s not as good as the EP. don’t mind the inclusion of clean vocals at all but they aren’t super well performed…


Powerful stuff


Really digging this.


The Faceless - “In Becoming a Ghost” coming out December 1st.

1 of the tracks (released a couple of years ago)


BIG FAN of these havukruunu records from this year, hope they do a re-press.

rare a new bm band catches my ears these days but there’s something vital about these imo