Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Put all stuff for the heavier side of life in here!

Dillinger played their last shows - not seen any clips but Mike Patton did Irony is A Dead Scene one night, seems they got Dmitri to do a few off Calculating Infinity, and Adam Doll came out for their last song (he’s been paralysed for some years it seems).

Also Daughters supported!

DiS Users' February 2018 Album Of The Month

New Dawnwalker available anywhere yet @ericthefourth? Had a look on bandcamp and deezer but no joy


was a bit delayed going to mastering but very soon hopefully


very intrigued by SUMAC and Keiji Haino’s upcoming record


Yea i’m looking forward to this, the last Sumac Lp was a corker and the things i have heard Keijo Haino on have all been suitably bonkers.

Would have liked to see the Dmitri & greg version of 43% burnt at the Dillinger show. I bet it was savage.


A new full length from Hermóðr came out yesterday. It must be at least a couple of months since he released anything! Not heard it in full yet but it follows his usual pattern, if you like his previous stuff you will undoubtedly like this.


This track came out two months ago, but the new album is out next month. Supported Rolo Tonassi at the Borderline back in November. More awesomeness from Holy Roar.


Liking the new American Nightmare stuff. Album out 16 Feb.


New Yob album coming in the summer. Very excited for this one. If I was ranking awesome metal bands they’d be up there.


Enjoyed that, could be a Suicide File song though!


Iron Raegans new un is fun


It’s excellent stuff, Wes sounds quality too - looking forward to the album.


Leperfest, Download, Bloodstock and Camden Rocks all look decent


I’ve been listening to this constantly for the last 2 weeks.
A mix of indie (kinda) and Blackened post metal.
It’s so much better than that sounds…


You do know this is @ericV band? I’ve had it on a lot this month too, it’s pretty mesmeric


I didn’t.
Fair play to him, it’s an amazing album.


:smiley: cheers guys! playign our first show in London on 25th feb if you fancy coming to check it out, should be a goodun


A pal turned me on to the new Exhumed album, a death metal rock opera based on the story of Burke And Hare with each vocalist playing a different character. Don’t like much death metal but it’s REALLY fun!


I’d love to but it’s the missus’ birthday, I don’t think she’d like it very much. :joy:
Good luck with it.


I’d love to also but I’m 500+ miles away :disappointed: