Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


YES! It’s SO much fun as well, production sounds huge.

This track though, is an absolute stormer, mainly for the Status Quo riff halfway through :smiley:

I’m struggling to listen to anything else but this at the moment, it’s fucking hilarious.


Aye, me too - Flowers Under Siege and Dream could be an extra minute I reckon. I really wanted the final part of Lower Than Life with the gang vocal bits “DEEPER THAN HELL! LOWER THAN LIFE!” to be longer too. Ah well, it’s still a cracking album, sounds so vicious and oddly, full of love :smiley:


I listened to this on the way home from work. Funnily enough I just came in here to say that it sounded good but that I found the Status Quo cover a bit odd.


When I first heard it, I thought “what???” then I couldn’t stop grinning :smiley:


Just stuck this on and, yeah, it’s really good. So far sounds like Snapcase, Trash Talk, Turbonegro and Billy Talent put through a blender… a blender of rawk awesomeness


fucking hell you lot


Blindfolded And Led To The Woods from Christchurch, New Zealand - I saw these dudes supporting Dillinger Escape Plan in October last year in Auckland. Insanely good live band. So technical. A couple of them joined the pit and went crowd surfing during Dillinger’s set too. Great fun.

Very, very decent.

(Video is not for the squeamish. Early Peter Jackson homage, quite funny, but full of unidentifiable bits of meat, blood and dental work)

Full album here, I dig it:


Only just found out about a Modern Life Is War tour later in the year

I used to like them back in the day, some pretty solid hardcore. I didn’t realise they actually split up, let alone reformed again - I shall check out their Bristol show I reckon.


Propagandhi playing next month too, they seem to get better and better. Left their early pop-punk styled stuff pretty much behind now.


Saw them when they toured last with Birds in Row, put on a decent show


They made a new album too


Has anyone heard the new Rivers Of Nihil record? May take me quite a few listens to properly get into but it might be one of the most expansive things I’ve heard this year.


yea looking forward to this. Never saw them before but Witness is a hardcore classic.


didn’t know you were a poet heh heh


It’s great you belm.


What’s wrong with it?


new judas priest is the best album they have done since painkiller. Amazing from a band approaching nearly 50 years…


New Mournful Congregation is outstanding. Can only see Yob coming close to this quality of doom this year. Much prefer it to the Bell Witch record


anyone here into Messa? Listening to a stream of their new album and it’s scorchio