Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


IIRC I only liked one track from their last record but I really liked that track. From what I’ve heard from their new album so far they’ve taken the big step forward I was hoping for from them. Leah is indeed stunning.


black / death metal



didn’t realise down i go had a new EP

the harmonies :smile: winner


There’s never really much fanfare when they put stuff out! Great as always though.


It’s so, so, good :smiley:

The key-stabbing bit on Heracles is brilliant.

#207 this is old but the bit where Brodsky messes up and just makes up lyrics is so grin inducing


have this too


The new Henry Blacker album is tasty if you like nice sludgy riffs.


More great stuff from Holy Roar. Psych prog heaviness this time:


Oh, this is great.


New Yob! Unusual for them to build a song around a central riff. Will be interesting to see how it fits into the album.


New one from Sorgelig (Greek BM) is grim. Reckon @ericV might dig it


The new Unreqvited album is beautiful. Almost instrumental (bar background shrieks and wails) blackgaze/atmospheric black metal.


Dunno how I missed it at the end of last year but the new(ish) Drug Church song is amazing, there’s about 5 distinct RIFFS that keep topping each other


That’s brilliant :grinning:


Drug Church are proper good


Debut album by Danish band MØL is pretty good, in the vein of Deafheaven if you like that sort of thing;


yes! they are great. I much prefer Self Defense generally speaking but Drug Church are good for when I want to switch my mind off and just headbang


yeah saw them opening for '68 and Every Time I Die, put on a right show.

need to check out more SDF, only heard the one record


Which one did you listen to? Heaven is Earth?