Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


nah, Try Me. did quite like it tbf


OK def do Heaven is Earth then. I love Try Me but HiE is better in pretty much every way


Also, here’s a playlist of stuff from their various releases i did for that other thread. Generally think they are a very rewarding (and underrated) band:


Will have a listen, cheers!


Loved the Swell EP from a couple years back




One more rather excellent atmospheric black metal album for today. :metal:


FUCK! New Sleep album to be released tomorrow, apparently.


this is good - I like it




Ah, man, this is SO GOOD!!
Another band I’ve never heard of!


Yeah, right! other than their absolute classic below, think this new song might be their best yet, so looking forward to whatever they’ve got next:


Oh yes!! Happy 420 folks!


Marijuanaut’s Theme starting with the sound of a bong hit :smiley:


Surprise new Cancer Bats album out today


Yes, that made me smile! Really enjoyed my first listen, some fantastic riffage going on in there!


I believe this track takes the number of stoner/doom songs that start with a bong hit into 6 digits.

I’m not expecting much more from this than a generic bit of riffage to cash in on the stoner vinyl boom tbh. Much more excited for the new Yob record.


:smiley: i refuse to be this cynical about the first sleep album in nearly 2 decades. sounds great to me!


Alright, after listening to it I’m forced to eat crow and admit they’ve pulled a solid barrage of riffery out of the bag. The wily old stoned bastards.


You may have a point, I popped into Crash Records in Leeds when I was down there earlier and they had a “limited to 100 copies in UK” vinyl version of it (already!) with different artwork for, wait for it, £49.99!!! The regular vinyl release is out in May which will be “a more reasonable price”!

Album kicks arse though!