Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


There’s a hell of a lot of stoner/doom that feels like it exists purely to rake in the vinyl cash these days. Last years Electric Wizard album being a prime contender. Sleep definitely sound like they actually give a shit though so fair play to 'em.


Fans of the proggier/more epic side of doom would do well to check out the new King Goat album FFO: Khemmis, Pallbearer (newer stuff) Nightfall era Candlemass. The vocalist is fantastic.


YES! Bloody Mammals are finally releasing their album:


Haven’t seen the latest Pallbearer track posted in here (apologies if it was):

Hate to be the “I prefer their old stuff” guy but I, uhh… do.


i love that mbv bit.

i love everything theyve ever done tho.

by their old stuff dyou mean you didnt like heartless either? cause that is insane.


Nah I did like it! But I meant just that - prefer their older stuff. Sorrow and Extinction is my fave.


oh, phew…

think theyve made three :star::star::star::star::star: records.

when the electric guitars came in the first time i heard foreigner i was like oh ok.


new the armed record is good. ben koller drums for them on it. like wild throne/daughters type blown out poppy experimental gubbins.


Saw converge, crowbar and thou on wed night in Manchester. Converge were immense. Crowbar were great too. Wasn’t overly keen on thou tbh


I was there!


Boom! Surprise new Thou album:

Haven’t heard it yet. But what better way to spend a lovely Spring morning?

They supposedly have another 4 releases lined up for this year, including an acoustic album. I assume someone is fucking with me on that last part.


By contrast, Thou almost stole the show for me, love a bit of rumbling discordant doom.


Thought they were good at what they do and the riffs were really good but something didn’t quite click with me. A lot of people like them so maybe its just me!


I think its the vocals I cant get into. I’ve got a similar thing with The Body - there’s a lot about there music I like but vocals don’t do anything for me.


This is excellent!


:heart: :heart: :heart: The “tortured fraggle” vocals from The Body :heart: :heart: :heart:


I’ve always described Chip as sounding like a permanently startled rooster but tortured fraggle is pretty on the money.


this album is utterly ridiculous in the best possible way :grin:


they’re mint. started out as a pretty straight hardcore band except they had a dude who played clarinet solos.


Listening to this album (and band) for the first time now. Seems like it might be some crazy, chaotic genius. Thanks.