Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


just started this, sounds pretty Cutting Pink With Knives so far


was gonna say they remind me a bit of that mid 2000s daft grind stuff - genghis tron and that, but I wanted you all to listen to them so I didn’t mention it.


I love Genghis Tron so this makes me want to hear it


I am digging this so hard. Got a complete body tingle when that first heavy riff kicked in! Every subsequent riff did the same. I was buzzing by the end of the track. Listened to it about 10 times in a row.

Never heard of them before this and will now be buying everything they’ve done. Thanks for the tip.


Very welcome! As I said above check out the main guy’s other band Self Defense Family too if you don’t know them already :slightly_smiling_face:


Their last album is such a good hardcore record


I’m so annoyed that when Genghis Tron went on hiatus they said they would be back and now the hiatus has lasted longer than most bands that say they’re never getting back together.


Pals have dropped new ragers


I havent heard it mentioned but in the next couple of months , Cocaine Piss and the Dwarves are doing separate but both cheap tours

Also spotify have a good “all things post” playlist. Found myself enjoying a Dance Gavin Dance song…


I unironically love Dance Gavin Dance


i’m giving an album a spin now, its actually well better than I expected


Superb new album of neck snapping riffs and atmospherics from Belarus’s Raven Throne;


I guess they’re not really “heavy” anymore with this record but if you enjoyed Drug Church here is Patrick’s other (imo better) band’s new song:


Can’t wait for the new SDF. Would recommend listening to Patrick’s Axe To Grind podcast if you like hardcore.


So I’ve been listening to Bossk non stop since seeing them support Russian Circles last week.
Sludgy, stoner metal with bits of Psych and Post Metal thrown in.
This is filthy stuff.


great band.

my mate’s band Wren (who I’ve seen a couple of times recently and blew me away) are worth a listen if you like this stuff:


Cracking album, that. Never managed to catch them live frustratingly.


New album is very very good, been spinning it all week, and not a distorted guitar in sight


Bossk are great. I’ve seen them live a couple of times, once supporting Dragged Into Sunlight, now that was an intense gig!



Cannot wait to dive into the new Svalbard again. First listen was amazing :slight_smile: