Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Also, if you haven’t already, you should check out their first two EPs, I & II;


Superb atmospheric black metal. A very US feel to it. Reminds me of a less angry Cobalt, but that might just be similar cover art + USBM + being labelmates.


Excited to hear this, I’ve had the LP at home waiting to be played for a couple of days.
Saw them at The Black Heart last night and they were next level.


New ep from JR from Pig Destroyer’s other band. Quite like it. Sort of a less depressed Kowloon Walled City.


A bit late on this but holy hell the new Urfaust is good. If you like doomy/atmospheric/obscure shit you need to be hearing this. Trail of the Conscience of the Dead is one of the best songs they’ve ever done. Absolutely magnificent band


New Yob album is very good. Was a bit a worried when I heard the 2 taster tracks but they make total sense slotted into the album. All the Yob trademarks are present: cavernous and meandering riffs, glacial pacing, slightly gnarly vocals, unexpected bursts of melody. Yob dude is more prone to big emotional tracks these days which is no doubt intentional and tied to his recent health troubles but the 2 on here are pretty epic. After a few spins, album could maybe have done with one less track but overall surprisingly awesome! Def worth a spin if you’re a fan o’ the doom.


Didn’t realise it was out, can’t wait to buy and play.


London peeps, Dead Cross playing the the underworld tomorrow. Just announced.


Bollox. I’m working


Ah shit! I’m busy :frowning:


Says cancelled here?


Old Empire are only place selling tickets I think


It’s so fucking good.


Annoyingly my vinyl copy of this is sat at the sorting office waiting to be picked up as I couldn’t go at the weekend and now that they don’t open until 8:30 I can’t get there until Saturday, grr!


That new Svalbard LP is so so good. Making a strong claim for album of the year at this stage. Sounds like I imagine Shikari would these days if they took their foot off the gas for a minute. Massive step up in my opinion - really wasn’t fussed about them before but then i do have an anti-holy roar bias so perhaps i didn’t give them fair chance.

Its also made me even more excited for Modern life is War in a few weeks as they are supporting. Should be well good.


i saw them supporting Oathbreaker (I think), dead good

noticed Alexisonfire played the other night, seemingly the same set they’ve peddled for the last 3 years


I passed up on that gig as saw Oathbreaker the tour before so couldn’t be bothered…and now regret it!

Talking of Oathbreaker I saw Weigedood the other week who also feature members, and they were outstanding. Furious, relentless black metal. They fucking slayed. Shame about their stupid name though


Apparently, “Wiegedood” literally translates to “death in the cradle”; it is a Dutch term for “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS)


Death in The Cradle is still a stupid name tbf