Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Why do you dislike holy roar?


lol I have this too in fairness - can’t really explain it, they’ve definitely put out good stuff over the years but I always hold it against bands who release on them ha


Huh, they release a lot of heavy music made by women which can be hard to find sometimes elsewhere, so I’ve always given them points for being progressive, whether by design or happy accident.


Yea - that what i was getting at as being stupid! Its just a pointless name.


Its been so long i can’t properly remember :wink:

I just remember when they started they were very much into jumping on what was cool and seemed to release stuff which was just clones of other bands. They also were really defensive about reviews and any negative ones which were published, and seemed to be into buying onto stuff. Loads of stupid merch as well - by bands who hadn’t released stuff yet. As i said this is all way back when now, but the guy who ran it (I want to say Alex but who knows) came across as a douche. I don’t pay attention to the label any more though so dunno what they are like now.

They’ve released some corking lps over the years though that’s for sure. Just takes me a little longer to check out a holy roar band than others!

But that Svalbard LP is REALLY good!


Ah that’s entirely fair enough. And you are entirely right about that Svalbard LP: that’s stonkingly good :slight_smile:


Sunn O))) have released a rehersal tape from 1998.

Bandcamp Link


Really enjoyed the new Zeal & Ardor on first listen last night;


This would be much better if the camera to the side of the stage sorted their sound out!


… they do after the first couple bands thankfully… although the sound in general is pretty shite


Man i really wanted to go to that gig. Still so sad about Caleb :frowning:


Zeal & Ardor is looking like being an album of the year for me. It just sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard.


I know what you mean, I’m trying to resist saying it might be an AOTY contender until I give it a few more listens but first impressions are extremely good. I heard the Devil is Fine EP in 2016 but for some reason didn’t return to it despite being quite intrigued but this one has really stopped me in my tracks, wildly disparate genres that really shouldn’t work together but they really do!


I saw them play them last week and it was the best gig I’ve seen in ages. Thinking of seeing them again in December.


I know :cry: I was, and still am, gutted he’s gone and in such a horrific way. Seemed like a really good guy too


The person that runs it is an awful person, he’s harassed several of my female friends over the years.


Oh how grim! Bloody hell.


Riffs and blast beats


Harsh noise and bleepy bits.


Rifftastic 2nd album of melodic black metal from Hoth;