Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


High on Fire and Enslaved touring the UK together in October which should be pretty sweet. Wonder if there’s a new High on Fire coming?


I was tempted to bring this up but felt best not, but yeah… this^


The Huntsmen are a mix of Americana, Sabbath and sludge metal.
It shouldn’t work but I really like it, some great heavy stuff mixed in here.


surprise new Converge EP!


Watching highlights of Download on the box and only recognised one band of about 15 so far… I’m old as fuck!


Only decent ones so far have been Marmozets, Meshuggah and quite liked Starcrawler just for how mental the lead singer looks on stage. Will be annoyed if they don’t give The Bronx or Rolo Tomassi a song each… best bands on the line up by a million miles!


…and they didn’t. SHIIIIITE!


recommend me stuff for baking in the sunshine please? doesn’t have to be this year.

om, bardo pond, barn owl, horseback type of thing, heavy psychedelic droney shit but not standard Heavy Psych.


Bong are an obvious addition to that list, as are other Mike Vest projects Blown Out and Haikai No Ku. I think Colour Haze fall under that kinda vibe at times, as do GNOD and maybe Follakzoid?

A few drunk-on-a-train suggestions there. Lemme think on it when I sober up.


good shouts there, thankyou. yeah I should really dig into mike vest, I liked that 11paranoias album I heard. I guess I assumed bong were a RIFFS stoner band rather than a floaty one for some reason and never bothered checking them out. couple tracks I’ve listened to sounds exactly in my area.

are you into horseback? first time going back to them in about 5 years, was a bit baffled to find out he’s brought out a Pop Album - clean vocals, saxophone & drum machines… not sure if it works really but always find these sort of experiments fun.


Tbf when a band calls themselves Bong and title an album Stoner Rock it’s not really your fault you assumed that. They’re really great - the spoken word stuff is entirely preposterous but the droning fuzz is addictive. Haikai Nu Ku’s last album Temporary Infinity may be your bag as well, though tbh it’s not very summery. A bit too massive and terrifying.

I’ve heard Horseback’s last one with all the electronic elements and really quite liked it (though I haven’t gone back to it much). I haven’t really listened to what the guy was doing before that - worth checking out?


You listened to any carlton melton? Some of their stuff may be your bag…Photos of Photos and Always even are lovely records. Seriously monging summery vibes.


Bong are great - i really like the latest one for lying back and loosing yourself in. Was really disappointed with them at the Black Heart the other week though - the sound just didn’t work for the new stuff.


The new Yob LP is fantastic.


ha yeah, it is a bit on the nose innit.

will def check out that haikai no ku record, can’t say no to massive and terrifying, no matter the weather.

I really liked horseback’s early stuff - half blood and invisible mountain mainly. it’s kind of country tinged - guitar merging into organ and rhodes and some rather silly harsh vocals over the top. dead cool.


think I’ve heard them on playlists a couple few times but never properly, any particular record?


New Daughters. Pretty Nick Cave/Young Widows-sounding to me. Can’t wait for the album!


Whoa are Daughters still a thing!?


They started touring again a little while ago but it just seemed like a legacy thing so I’m a pretty shocked too! Think they played with Dillinger on one of their final shows.


Cool! Was quite into their first couple