Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


The Bossk album has been on heavy rotation in my house in recent days. So, so good.

The range - from genteel Explosions in the Sky style loveliness to crushing Neurosis level intensity - is great.



Is the most recent The Body album any good? Wasn’t sure of the Uniform split


I liked it but I didn’t like any other Body albums…


Yeah if you like their other stuff there’s plenty there for you. Not a highlight of their recent stuff (for me) but still solid.


well this is rubs, kind of wondering what this means for the band as well since Erlend always seemed like a fairly integral part of the band.


Just listened to the new body album, really wish you could get versions without the dickhead screaming, even moreso for this album


It’s a superb album. Must be about time for some new stuff, Audio Noir is two years old now. Although seeing as the I & II EPs were 2006 & 2007 I probably shouldn’t hold my breath!


Think you might be in the wrong thread!


Why? I’m into me screaming, just not his dickhead screaming


Oh sorry thought you meant you wanted all heavy albums to come without the screamed vocals!

Anyway I love the tortured fraggle vocals, but totally understand that they’re not for everyone.

I actually have an album by The Ocean which came with a vocal and an instrumental cd which was actually a fab idea in that case.


Yup, I’d love the Body if they didn’t have that vocal


One more the body opinion, them being my favourite currently operating ‘metal’ band or thereabouts:

I genuinely think I wouldn’t care that much about them if it wasn’t for those vocals, and I absolutely hate it when they get someone else to sing (quite like the thou collaboration, but it took me a bit longer because they just seemed so normal…) - seems to me like it’s really hard to find music which doesn’t sound like anything else, and then they get this generic shite diluting something unique and fucked up it’s disappointing.

(instrumental metal = unacceptable anyway)


my mate’s band have an album out later this year


They’ve just posted on Facebook that they have a new singer lined up for the remainder of the tour and a new album out next year.


New Pig Destroyer.

Album soon. Love this tune, sounds meaty and groovy, but I hope there’s also some grindy madness on the album too.


Have they had line up changes? Sounds very little like I remember them


It’s probably just the slower tempo that’s jarred me (I’ve only listened to Prowler in the Yard and Terrifyer)


that tone when he palm mutes low down is :ok_hand:

also the dodgy crash cymbal sample near the end.


They seem to have a bass player now, and the samples guy plays a bigger role than before.

But they have done slower, meatier stuff before: Mass and Volume has lots of groove to it, for example, and there were a few songs on Terrifyer like it.