Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Pig Destroyer’s tone is always fucking beautiful.


this is fucking cool


couldn’t get on board with his tone on phantom limb so much but terrifyer is one of the great guitar sound albums.

just listening to the dbeaty breakdown on carrion fairy now, fair hyped for a new record.

terrifyer might be the best metal record ever eh. just flicking through going. ahhh this is a tune… ahhh now this IS a tune. and this one.


Yes. Absolutely massive fan of Terrifyer. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that even though they’d been on my radar for a while, I hadn’t really listened to Terrifyer until last year, and it completely blew me away.
The tone is a huge part of it, but all the ingredients fit so well. The feel of it is so relentless, and the way the guitar and drums just seem to collide on top of each other- I don’t know another way of putting it- it doesn’t just sound violent, it sounds genuinely unhinged.


It’s been a while. Thought about this band last week strangely enough. Reckon Terrifyer and Phantom Limb will be getting an airing tomorrow


Pelagial, great album. It was one of my albums of the year in 2013, can’t say I ever feel I want to listen to the instrumental version though.


I like both versions. The instrumental version works well in a kind of red sparrows /Russian circles kind of way.


having just given this a cursory listen i find the vocals absolutely horrific, but can get behind the instrumental tracks for sure

(i love instrumental metal though)


Oh wow, I like Wren a lot. Tell your mate that a random internet man thinks his band are really good.


I have no problem whatsoever with instrumental metal but maybe because I’d heard and loved the vocal version first I just found the instrumental Pelagial felt a bit flat to me.


i didn’t even know he was in the band until i went to see them randomly with Pijn as a friend from work invited me and I was like ‘wait that’s Owen on stage wtf’. seen them a couple of times since, they’re fucking great live. this song in particular is a beast.


yeah fair play - a lot of people really want Intervals to go back to being a vocal band but I can’t think of anything worse, but I heard them without vocals first so can’t get on with it at all.


Just listening to Elder “Reflections of A Floating World” and thinking how much better it would be without vocals. Not normally a fan of that earnest clean vocal style with heavy music anyway, but I just don’t think it needs vocals at all.


They’re definitely the weakest part. Probably why I don’t go back to it much.


Nick’s definitely getting better as a vocalist from album to album but it’s their weakest link for sure. They’re used so sparingly it doesn’t bother me much tbh.


In case any other Leeds based dissers are interested YOB & Wiegedood are playing The Brud in October;


never been Brud for a gig, this may be the one


this article is amazing

as is the album, obviously. the whole mystery band thing reminds me of United Nations, and i guess they’re sort of similar musically in a lot of ways. some of the album reminds me of bands the author of that article wouldn’t know like CPWK (think I said this before) and Help She Can’t Swim at some points. so good.


ah wonderful regret missing weigedood last time they played.


It’s kind of amazing that every interview/media appearance they do seems to make them more mysterious if anything.