Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Good work! Doing some Bandcamp listening very much and enjoying a whole bunch.

Did you find a keyboard player for shows?


… listening very much… Yeah, that makes sense.


No not yet. Was talking to someone but they’ve gone a bit quiet. Will start looking again after the show we have coming up.


Happy hunting! If I was closer to East London…


Where is it eric?




will do my best to make it down, let me know what time you’re on nearer the time!


Glassjaw playing Brixton


saw them there before, shite sound in that place


28.75 excluding booking!


pretty standard tbh. might go see them in not-london if they tour.


Fuck that.


On my second listen to Human Ruins right now. Really like it, top work squire! :metal:


Always solid. Think they perfected their sound with the last album and this is more of the same funereal dirginess. Obviously got a bit of Deftones in there too and it’s a good fit!


Is grady back in Will Haven?


Yeah, he was only absent for that one album I think. Voir Dire’s very good if you haven’t checked it out.


Really getting into Dvne (Pronounced Dune, because, I don’t know.)
Kinda proggy but not in a wanky way. It’s good, solid metal.


Always well up for a bit of Will Haven


@LastAstronaut put me on to them the end of last year. Proper great album that🖒


not 2018 alarm sound.

if someone recommended me a band that sound a bit like DEP these days i’d probably say nah, you’re alright mate. but these are very very good eh.

that transition at 2:00 is filth.