Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Seriously cringing at that. Calling a band signed to a high level pr agency being called “unmarketable” in an article on noisey ffs.

Lansing-Drieden did that kinda thing a lot better


I didn’t really get this tbh. the mystery is that they like Lulu and lie about what their names are? not exactly the residents or whatever. maybe I should listen to them.


does it count as vinyl if it’s made out of something that isn’t vinyl?


This album is amazing. Psychedelia, doom, post metal, a little bit of black, almost drone like riffs, excellent stuff! I’m shit at describing music though, so this is from their bandcamp page :slightly_smiling_face:

“Wolvennest or WLVNNST is a musical project proposing a compositional process of guitar loops, repetitive beats, synthesizers keys mixed to darkened hypnotic ambient vocal sounds.”


that description sounds very up my street.

had a look at the bio and ‘featuring former member of aqua nebula oscillator’ makes it basically my house.



Liking the sound of Wren so far - thanks!

Looks like they’re supporting Conan with Conjurer in December. Cool. The Conjurer album has definitely been high on the list for me this year.


They were so fucking savage - you’re in for a treat if you do go. relentless.


number one on bandcamp. that’s nice.

hah, the full album title is “white nationalism is for basement dwelling losers”, bandcamp making me look good by cutting it off at “white nationalism…” in that link.


This is seriously good. Love at first listen type thing;


I like everything about this except for the music :frowning:


Not sure you could classify it as heavy but I’ve been listening to the new Hopesfall record and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Not quite as good as Satellite Years but certainly erases some of the sour taste from the other two albums, which I really didn’t get on with. Seem to be showing more of a Hum influence. In fact I actually thought Matt Talbott was guesting on this song!


The latest Eagle Twin is so so good. The guitar tone is soooooooooo heavy its unreal. Absolutely love it. Probably the best LP they have done.


not really sure where else to post this but…

the new Reply All podcast is amazing as ever, and made my stomach drop about half way through when the name Jonny Craig popped up… if anyone was under any illusions as to whether he’s a complete scumbag or not, this should clear it up


this is a massive banger


Definitely one of my favourite ones off there! The chorus really gets stuck in your head too. Enjoy a lot of the melodies actually. The bonus track’s really good as well.


New Gouge Away. Gone grunge, it seems.


Its been hard keeping up with Thou this year but the new EP is a belter. Utterly miserable but bringing their grunge love to the fore. Particularly like AiC on a few of the tracks. Absolutely love it to be fair. Well excited for the new album.


The acoustic ep is their only misstep so far this year imo - which isn’t all that surprising. Magus is pretty damn good but I think Rhea Sylvia is the pick of the bunch for me atm.


Is Magus out already?

Agreed though, Rhea Sylvia is the best from what i’ve heard. Wasn’t at all keen on the acoustic one at first, but listened again to it last night and fair enjoyed it in a pleasant background kind of way.


Ah, yeah - it’s not out till the end of the month. Sorry, I’ve been listening to it for review all week and forgot it’s not out yet.

It’s a weird state of affairs when that sentence is being used with regards to Thou.


:smile: sure is!

Ahh cool. Is the album in the vein of Rhea Sylvia? A cleaner sound or is it filthy as hell!?