Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


A little of both. Thery’ve incorporated bits of all 3 eps into their sound this time out there’s definitely bits of the grungeyness and moodyness of Rhea Sylvia in there, as well as a smattering of the weird droney noise from The House Primordial and a tiny smidge of the acoustic stuff. But it’s all blended in with some good ol’ pure Thou filth.


new Drug Church

not sold :confused:


what?! it’s excellent! I’m really excited now:


Not 2018 but I heard this lot for the first time today. This song is pretty much perfect doom-metal.


Was listening to them today. Fucking amazing album


While we’re harking back to 2017 for a moment everyone should get on to this if they haven’t already


Yup, Asheran is the best metal album I’ve heard in years!

The last track is like a mix of Neurosis and Tool that then becomes it’s own thing. I don’t know how to explain it, just listen loudly.


Can’t like this enough, just crushing stuff.


The Rolo Tomassi album still just tops my ongoing AOTY list, but I’m sure I’ve not heard a better heavy track released in 2018 than this…


Behemoth, At the Gates and Wolves in the Throne Room touring together


Yeah this was one of my albums of the year, absolutely brilliant. People not liking this kind of music baffles me…


Yip, best heavy album of the year, no contest, perhaps the past 5-10 years


Track off new SUMAC album. So good


Amazing album.


So this got recommended as Pure era Godflesh meets Boards of Canada. :open_mouth:

I like it.


Yay! Still haven’t got round to checking out their collaborative album…


Me either actually, must remedy that. Such an awesome band


Was referring to Rolo… love the Conjurer album too though


One of my fellow Echoes & Dust writers called it “Sludge IDM.” Which sounds terrible. But also possibly brilliant?


Fucking hell…“sludeg IDM” sounds terrible but i am willing to be corrected…