Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Such a great album. Remember seeing them supporting Dragged Into Sunlight a few years ago, my jaw was basically on the floor for their entire little set. Picked up Progenitor and the EP Aurora Majesty immediately and basically rinsed them until Asheran came out last year.


Anyone catching, or already caught, Maiden on this Legacy of the Beast tour? I’m going next week and can’t wait. They are the best arena live band and this stage show looks next level. There’s a freakin’ spitfire on stage :smiley:


Love Amenra, seriously intense live if you get the chance!


It’s intrigued me, will check this out this afternoon.


It sounds nothing like IDM, it’s far too melodic. That kind of very chilled early Warp ambient with Godflesh is the better description. It’s a bit like Jesu in places.


Hollow has the best riff of the year on it, and Thankless is the best song for me. My favourite ‘straight-up metal’ album of 2018.


Yeah, I’m liking this.


Yeah there’s definitely a bit of Tool going on… and after revisiting earthtone9 last week, there’s a fair likeness to them too


new bosse-de-nage track ‘crux’ - new album coming out in September last one was brilliant.


Been listening to this loads the past week, to me it sounds like a cross between Hot Snakes and Converge.


Yeah, I’m going to the O2.
Videos of other shows on this tour suggest Bruce is in ridiculously fine form vocally.


The new Thou EP ‘Rhea Slyvia’ is awesome.


It doesn’t, does it? It’s surprisingly good though. Not quite up to peak Jesu but pleasingly chilled and heavy in equal measure, which is a difficult combination to pull of effectively.


This is really good. Not quite living up to that Hot Snakes/Converge description, but to do that they’d have to be Histories Greatest Band so there’s no shame in not clearing that bar.



Yea well excited about his - Luminiferous improved massively with age and each listen; it’s so good. Such a killer rhythm section


I probably posted about this album a few months ago further up thread but just wanted to say this track from it still remains one of the best of the year for me. When the riff kicks in at 1:15, nearly snaps my neck every time!


Name your price for the download version of this impressive assault on the ears.


Been digging the new Haunt album (from Trevor William Church who’s also in Beastmaker). Catchy new old school vibes.


Oh Christ the last one was insane