Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


It’s a relentless aural battering and no mistake!


Spent today listening to these

and these

and now all other types of music sound pointless


Solstafir are touring


This probably deserves it’s own thread, but first Roadburn announcement happened today. Sleep headlining. Tomas Linberg from At The Gates and Disfear curating. Other bands too.


Fuuuccck this BBC session recording absolutely slays


Hell yeah - Birds in Row are playing too!


Next single from Daughters. Really like the groove!


Love everything Birds in Row have ever done


Awesome. Glad to hear the guitars sounding so…corrosive


Haha yeah, almost harks back to their earlier records with that more discordant sound.


Arch / Matheos resign to Metal Blade, new album in 2019!


Yep, groovy as all hell, this tune from Daughters. Thanks for sharing!


The other track available on Bandcamp is also pretty great!


…That you posted over a month ago. Another party I’m late to.


Pretty sure I’ve got this on vinyl, it does indeed slay.


Haha I really like that one too, though it’s very different. Really anticipating this album now!


A Dying Planet - Facing the Incurable

loving a lot of this. Really sad though how Troy Tipton is unable to play bass anymore. Him and his brother Jasun were like a dynamic duo with Zero Hour and the related projects (Cynthesis).

But this is pretty fucking sweet, atmospheric, melancholy metal




Great set and great sound (shame there’s no crowd)


why have Daryl and Chino both bleached their hair?!