Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


that segue from Tip Your Bartender to John Lennon is fantastic

also there is literally no crowd really, what a shame


New Clutch song is a brass laden instant classic for me. Cracking cheesy-as-hell video as well.

Weaponised funk!


This is awesome! God I love this band, 25 years and barely a duff song in their entire 11 album discography, and judging by this excellent video, soon to be 12!


They sound like they’re having more fun than ever. The last track from the new one I heard was just a recipe for crab cakes over a typically big groove. It’s shaping up to be my favourite of theirs in a while.


Ace! I remember when I first heard Transnational Speedway League in '93, couldn’t get out of the car until Binge and Purge, that was playing at ear bleeding volume finished, “Come on motherfucker, come on motherfucker, come on motherfucker let’s throw down!”


Such a good song! The self-titled was my first run in with them - I read about them touring with Slayer and pissing off their fans by go-go dancing at them every night and then somehow stumbled across a copy of it in Cash Converters in Barnsley. Figured they had to be worth a £3 punt based on that. Never looked back…


Got to be done;

Blast Tyrant > Clutch > Pure Rock Fury > Transnational Speedway League > The Elephant Riders > Earth Rocker > From Beale St To Oblivion > Psychic Warfare > Jam Room > Robot Hive/Exodus > Strange Cousins From The West


That’s a solid list - nothing I’d argue with too much. Mine would go like:

Elephant Riders > Pure Rock Fury > Blast Tyrant > Self-titled > Transnational > Robot Hive > Jam Room > Earth Rocker > Psychic Warfare > Beale Street > Strange Cousins

I’d put Slow Hole to China in between Transnational and Robot Hive too if it’s allowed too. So many fine b-sides/rarities.


There’s clearly a (slow) hole (to china) in my Clutch listening, I’ve not heard that. And it’s on Spotify, will be listening to this later!


Yeah that’s probably the highlight. Beck just fucking oozes coolness on stage


New drummer sounds the business too


he looks daft with the big raincoat hood up


Ooh, so much good stuff on there. Some of my all time faves. You’re in for a treat!


Only needed for the first bar of the riff to kick in to concur that this is ace! Well looking forward to a new slab of Clutch


i know people think behemoth are cheesy but theyre not theyre mint, & this is mint.


their tour with At The Gates and WITTR looks sexy


I love what I’ve heard of Clutch but I’ve only heard Blast Tyrant and Pure Rock Fury, these lists suggest I’ve shot my bolt early… added Clutch and Elephant Riders to the playlist for this week though


This is excellent. @Kovacs77 @mouth_breather @UncleRetrospective


I REALLY need to see these live at some point…


Just discovered this one from Cultus Profano released earlier this year.

Have you heard it @ericV ?