Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


they’re supporting Culture Abuse on tour


So I’ve fallen in love with these.

It’s a mix of Doom, Alt rock with a touch of shoegaze.
It really needs to be played loudly though.

And on a very different side, this is filthy. A mix of sludge and grind, it’s pretty great. :smiley:


I know, should be a fun night even if they are playing Key Club


oof never been there for a gig but for a night out its poor

doing Star and Garter in Manchester which I think I prefer


Just found these guys


That Jesus Piece album is incredible. I’ve listened to it three times in a row today. Parts of it remind me of the Conjurer album from earlier this year - which is no bad thing.


yeah i’m into this too


turns out the new Wren EP is one 20minute song - out on Friday but up on Decibel:


just watched enough of this to get to the bit where he gets… pierced. Holy shit




Amazing. Tempted to go and see a whole field of people trying to work out which beat they’re supposed to bang their head on. Wouldn’t have thought they were big enough to headline though?


I would say they are more of a name than Shellac who did it this year


Really? I’m completely oblivious to who is a name and who isn’t tbh but I would have assumed the opposite. Remind me not to try and book a festival.


I might be the one in the wrong!


FFO: Suffering.


I saw Meshuggah pack out the Forum last year which is about half the total capacity of ArcTanGent, and is bigger than a lot of the venues that previous headliners like Converge, American Football, Shellac, etc. would play. It’s very much a festival for people who aren’t looking for obvious festival headliners anyway.

Will be interesting to see who they ‘pair’ it with for the Friday night. I’d say Meshuggah have been a bit of a white whale since ATG began - they make so much sense for the type of festival it is - I’d say only really Deftones remain now as someone who fits that (very loosely defined) area of music who they have yet to get… that I can think of anyway!




Gonna listen to this on the way home…can’t wait!