Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018




Anyone here like Amenra? Just discovered them and can’t stop listening.


I was introduced to Amenra because of this thread, great band.
There’s a great live video not far up the thread that you should definitely watch


Big fan. As disconottechno says have a look up thread but definitely give this a watch if you can;


Don’t normally go for those sort of vocals but I’ve been listening to the the past to days in awe.


They’ve been a bit of a gateway for me, before I heard them I wasn’t really into that style of vocals but since then all I’ve really listened to is Thou, Amenra, Agalloch, Harakiri For The Sky etc.


The Armed (Kurt Ballou’s secret/not secret band_) doing a tour next year


If you (and @beastie) haven’t already you should listen to Cult of Luna if you’re enjoying Amenra.


I’m as good as there



I’ve been listening to the album constantly can’t wait to see them live


i’m probably going to be in Moscow with work the day of that show - honestly couldn’t be more gutted - top 3 album this year for me


Made me realise how ridiculous some of this stuff is actually. That Dillinger Escape Plan song is nuts but I felt that was kind of the point, I was almost hurt by them laughing at it. Then Cannibal Corpse and the voice just sounds ridiculous and I could feel myself reacting in the same way.

Brojob - wtf!


forgot to actually listen to them after deciding they were annoying based on that vice article

doing so now and it’s good so far, very immediate


it is like a nice throwback to the An Albatross type of music brought into the new decade


I like them, didn’t realise Ballou was involved until this post. :open_mouth:


theres a Vice article which makes them see a bit silly but Ballou admits its his band, unsure if he plays live with them


don’t think I’ve ever listened to an albatross either?

which albums good?


Blessphemy I think it was called? Hairobics is still a song I go back to


Hadn’t heard these lot before. Only Love is so brilliant